Like getting take out from half a dozen great restaurants for half price! 2 Guys and a Cooler is a God send. Every week we check out his menu with over a dozen different hand made frozen entrees, plus salads, dressings, baked goods, and more. Have it delivered, or pick up on Monday at their place or at the Tuesday Market. I don't know how many languages Eric and Chandler speak, but as chefs they are fluent in Cajun, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Texan, Thai, and more. I love the burritos, enchiladas, pulled pork, chicken Tikka Masala, Thai chicken, shepherd's pie, saag paneer, chicken leek and mushroom casserole, sausage, banana bread... The list could go on. Most entrees serve two, typically for $8-10. Great home cooked meals without the hassle - fantastic!