Texas Bowl of Chili SAUSAGE – (bun included)


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Do you love a nice bowl of Texas Chili?  This Texas bowl of chili sausage has it all.  We start with a fresh chili sauce prepared with an organic bone broth to give this sausage it’s foundation.  Next, we add a generous amount of cheddar cheese, chili seasonings, and finish this sausage off in the smoker.  The end result is a sausage that is extremely flavorful with a taste that will remind you of that classic Texas Chili.     Each package comes with 2 extra-large links (roughly 6oz each) and 2 hoagie buns.  All you have to do is heat the sausage (either in the oven or on the stovetop) and toast the bread.  Voila!!  I generally top the hot link with some mustard to really take it over the top.  Alternatively, you can eat this sausage by itself or add it to a dish for a nice smoky and slightly flavor.


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