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In my attempts to really create something beautiful this spicy capicola was born.  I was able to get a fresh cappy from my butcher and began the process of selecting the spice profile.  This capicola uses smoked paprika, garlic, white wine, cayenne, red chili flakes, smoked chile ancho, and a few other ingredients that bring this cut of pork home.  This cured meat is hung to dry after a 3 week curing process and left there in a controlled environment for 3 months.  After that it’s vacuumed sealed and allowed to equalize for another month.  This is the end result!!  I am very proud of this product and I know that you will love the freshness and sweetness of it.  It’s not very spicy but there is a nice undertone of heat that isn’t embarrassed to stand up and say “Hello”.  You can serve this capicola as is or use it to make a charcuterie plate along side of other cured meats and sausages.  Some serve with cheese and wine or you can wrap asparagus spears with it and serve it up at your get together.  You can even toss it in your favorite plate of Pasta Carbonara or cold salad.  So many options!!


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