Mexican Spicy Salsa Verde


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This has been a long time coming.  Our Mexican Salsa Verde is fresh, spicy, smoky, and has a wonderful balance of flavors.  We start by roasting all the ingredients.  Fresh tomatillos, onions, peppers, and garlic.  Next we blanch them for a few minutes to really start to marry the flavors.  At this point we add toasted cumin seed, Mexican Oregano, cilantro, and a touch of salt and pepper.  Once this is well incorporated we puree the entire batch and finally finish it off by frying the mix on a very hot burner for 10 minutes.  This last step is called “seasoning it”.  After adding some freshly squeezed lime juice it is packaged and ready for you.  Enjoy this salsa on just about everything.  Steaks, Chicken, fish, eggs, chips, you name it because the possibilities are endless.  Comes in a 1 pint container.


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