Mexican Deconstructed Chile Relleno (Gluten Free, Keto)


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Who doesn’t love this Mexican Classic. We have finally found a way to place this delicious entrée on the menu.  This dish is generally roasted, stuffed with meat, cheese, or both, coated with a wonderful airy egg coating, then fried till crispy. This is what Mexicans would call comfort food. Well in order to bring this dish to you today we had to deconstruct the elements and rearrange them so that they would hold up in the freezer. The end result is amazing. We have combined the meat and cheese filling and incorporated finely diced and roasted poblano peppers. After adding a wonderful picadillo sauce to the mix we finally top it all off with 2 airy egg pancakes. All together you get to have this wonderful Mexican comfort food that was thought to be an impossible freezer meal. If you are not on the Keto Diet this dish is best if eaten with warm corn tortillas and a little of your favorite hot salsa.  This dish is a full fat dish with very little carbs.  What this means is we use grass fed butters, extra virgin olive oil to cook this dish.  We do not drain the fats as in a keto diet high fat intake is a real plus!! Feeds 2


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