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We now have mother’s available.  Kombucha is a wonderful probiotic drink that restores balance to your gut by adding gut friendly bacteria.  To make kombucha simply brew 6 bags of green tea or black tea with 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of white or turbinado sugar.  Place this tea mixture along with 1 cup of your kombucha starter and your kombucha mother into a large enough container to hold everything.  Cover with a tea cloth and allow it to ferment on your counter top for 4-7 days.  Taste the kombucha drink after 4 days and if you like the way it tastes then you can remove the mother along with a cup of liquid to make more and then you can refrigerate the tea that was just made.  If you let the kombucha ferment for too long it will continue to acidify, progressively getting more and more sour..


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