Italian Nerina Goat Cheese (100g)


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We are very excited to add this exquisite goat cheese to our menu this week.  The Nerina Cheese.  Nerina in Italian means “Little Black One” and so appropriately named, this cheese is coated in a thin layer of ash giving it a striking appearance and presentation.  Above the ash line beneficial molds are grown for protection and complex layering of flavors.  This goat cheese is fermented using special Italian cheese cultures and aged in a controlled environment for only a short time giving it a mild, slightly buttery, and citrusy flavor with a floral and delicate mushroomy rind.  It is a truly unique cheese with a lasting impression.

Nerina cheese is meant to be eaten at room temperatur (within a week or 2) and goes great with salads, fruits (like pears), nuts, or even smoked salmon.  Each portion is divided in 100 grams.  The thin ash layer does not effect the flavor or the texture of the cheese.  It is there to assist in the development of beneficial mold and for aesthetics.


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