Chori Pollo Mix (Spicy, Gluten Free)


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This is such a wonderful treat.  We have made a delicious batch of Mexican Chori pollo.  Chori Pollo is a Mexican plate that means sausage and chicken.  So what’s in ours?  Tender Chicken breast, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, bell peppers garlic, and of course sausage (we smoked the sausage first).  Because this dish is generally served in a soft taco we are simply packaging the mix for you to do what you want.  Don’t be limited by tacos though as this dish can be served over nachos, on a tostada with lettuce and sour cream.  You can add 1.5 quarts of chicken stock with 1/2 can of white beans for a delicious Mexican White Bean Soup.  This dish is so incredibly versatile and flavorful you’ll love all the options.  Personally I love tacos so that generally how I eat it but that’s just me!!  Each portion is 15 ounces and is enough to make 6-8 tacos, 2 huge plates of nachos, 1/2 gallon of white bean soup, about 4 tostadas, 2 nice burritos just to give you an idea.  This is a spicy dish


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