Chicago’s Italian Beef Sandwich (bun included/assemble at home)


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Get ready for a culinary treat all the way from the mid-west.  Italian beef is a delicious sandwich that is just loaded with flavor and texture.  Tender roast beef is added to a hoagie bun and topped with pickled giardiniera vegetables (celery, red onions, cauliflower, carrots, jalapenos).  We have managed to turn this sandwich into a freezer meal so that you can prepare it fresh at home!!  To prepare this sandwich all you have to do is place the bag of meat and au jus in simmering water for 5-8 minutes and warm the bread in the oven.  To assemble just  add the meat to the sandwich, top with our pickled vegetables, and eat.  You will have plenty of au jus available to dip your bread in for an extra Chicago style experience .  Feeds 1 Adult


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