Authentic Mexican Chicken Mole (Spicy, Keto, Gluten Free)


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Are you ready for some authentic Mexican food.  This Keto friendly, gluten free, low sodium dish just may be right up your alley.  Mole (pronounced mole-ay) is quite possibly one of the most traditional dishes that have come out of Mexico.   Mole is a sauce that is generally used to coat meats or vegetables.  What makes mole amazing is the combination of spices and vegetables used to make it.  The flavors range from spicy to smoky.  Nutty to earthy.  Each bite is a wonderland of flavor as the flavors build on each other in the most complex ways.  Bitter balanced by sweetness which is balanced by savory.  Our mole dish is simple this week.  Slow cooked chicken thighs covered in this mole sauce.  Feel free to serve with rice, eat with tacos, serve over vegetables, you name it!!  This dish will feed 2 adults.


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