This Gourmet Cheese cake is not even in the same category as my other cheese cakes.  We are portioning the pieces a bit smaller (perfect for 1 Adult) as this cake is extremely rich and decadent.  Not only is if wonderfully delicious but it is also very visually appealing.  You will be surprised and delighted as you dive deep into the 4 layers that this cheesecake has to offer.  The first layer is a  dark chocolate ganache that has been sprinkled with finely chopped dark roasted coffee beans and chocolate .  The second layer is a wonderful velvety layer of Mocha that is rich in Boquete coffee flavor.  The third layer is a silky chocolate cheesecake that will have you begging for more and finally the crust is a butter infused cookie crust with a hint of chocolate and spices.  I hope that you like coffee and I hope that you like chocolate.

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