Smoked Chicken with Vegetable Normandy (Gluten Free, Low Fat, reduced Sodium)


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We have had many requests for dishes that were high in protein. This week we wanted to really bring out the flavor and add a simple dish that is delicious, low in sodium, low in fat, high in protein, and Gluten Free. In this dish we have taken boneless and skinless Chicken breast that are fit for 2 and slow smoked them with a nice blend of hickory and mesquite wood. We have then added a nice assortment of Broccoli, Carrots, and cauliflower that have been quickly blanched. This preserves the natural vitamins and flavor of these vegetables. Adding only a pinch of salt this dish is scrumptious and packed with flavor.. Designed for 1 meal but can easily feed 2 adults.  Each Package contains 1 Large Chicken breast that’s been smoked and 8 oz of vegetables.


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