The Experience

Great food doesn't have to be complicated. We bring together delicious ingredients and cook them using traditional and modern techniques. This produces a dish that has the look and feel of a soul satisfying and belly filling home cooked meal. Stay in tonight, order take out, and join the 2 Guys & A Cooler Experience.
The Experience
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Take Out Food At its Best

Let me welcome you to our site and explain to you what we are all about. We are a family run business that specializes in Frozen take out meals. All of our meals come prepared, prepackaged and frozen. All you have to do is take a meal out and pop it in the oven. Very fast, very convenient, and very affordable. Each one of our meals will generally feed 2 adults for under $9. No other place offers the widest variety of international cuisine at incredible prices. Enjoy the selections that we offer and be sure to visit frequently. We are always adding new items to our menu for an experience that is constantly growing..

Meet our Team

Eric Pousson

Executive Chef/Owner

Cecelia Pousson

Head Chef/Owner

Chandler Pousson

Sous Chef/Owner

Keira Pousson

Future Chef

Aidan Pousson

Future Chef

Our Happy Customers


Excellent take out, ive been going there for 3 years never had a bad meal its really good. I retired here and i dont cook much so this is perfect for me. Eric and his family are outstanding always cheerful and ready to help you. I order from him almost every week and it works out great…. The banana bread is out of this world……

Great Food in Boquete ~ Bryan S.

Today we tried the Texas pulled pork and it was outstanding! Very flavorful, super easy to prepare and a terrific meal for two (with some leftover! ). Loved this one for easy sandwiches.

Convenience & Quality ~ Howard G.

I live in Boquete, and these guys are the best! I don’t always like to cook or to go out to eat, so their meals fit perfectly. I have 8 house guests coming for 10 days, and Two Guys are cooking up some great BIG meals for me so that I can just enjoy the time with my family! Everything they make is good. Add some paper plates and cups and – voila! Easy and delicious

My Go To Guys ~ Helen A.

I’ve been using 2 Guys and a Cooler services for almost 3 years now. I started out when I was single and didn’t always feel like cooking and I carried over the tradition into my married life.

I think I’ve tried almost everything they’ve offered. 98% of the time I was highly impressed and the other 2% I was probably trying something brand new to me and was more enticed than impressed. 🙂

The lasagna has become one of the staples in our home. The wife and the kid love it.

Another notable thing about 2 Guys and a Cooler is their culinary advice and their knowledge of their products.

2 thumbs up

Always on hand and always satisfying ~ Bryan S.

The to-go entrees they bring to the BCP Market in Boquete every Tuesday morning are frozen. When heated up at home the food taste like it was just cooked! There is a wide variety of entrees, plus the unusual such as buttermilk, lard, a wonderful Cobb salad, sausage and gravy, burritos, the best Banana bread you ever have. Oh yes, their pumpkin pie is fabulous (and I don’t care for pumpkin pie)!

Yum ~ Sharon S.

Like getting take out from half a dozen great restaurants for half price!

2 Guys and a Cooler is a God send. Every week we check out his menu with over a dozen different hand made frozen entrees, plus salads, dressings, baked goods, and more. Have it delivered, or pick up on Monday at their place or at the Tuesday Market.

I don’t know how many languages Eric and Chandler speak, but as chefs they are fluent in Cajun, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Texan, Thai, and more. I love the burritos, enchiladas, pulled pork, chicken Tikka Masala, Thai chicken, shepherd’s pie, saag paneer, chicken leek and mushroom casserole, sausage, banana bread… The list could go on. Most entrees serve two, typically for $8-10.

Great home cooked meals without the hassle – fantastic!

Love, Love, Love 2 Guys ~ Mike W.

One of the main things I love about this service is having authentic ethnic foods that are GF! There are tasty and easy to prepare. Very pleased with the quality.

Amazing Take Out in Boquete ~ Georgina

This concept was new to me: order a gourmet meal, pick it up directly from the chef – FROZEN – then take home to heat and eat. Kinda like the old TV dinner routine, but THIS food is off the hook fantastic! Available at the Tuesday Market in Boquete. Homemade by Cajun chef Eric and family, the ingerdients are local and fresh, the recipes capture flavors both familiar and exotic. I am especially addicted to the Boquete Chili. Most local pensions or B&Bs offer the use of a kitchen and this is one of the best cost-saving eateries I’ve ever seen. The overall experience warms both my tummy and my heart!

Frozen to Fantastic Gourmet Meals ~ Gabrielle R.

Best pumpkin pies ever! Consistently great food (a rarity in Panama). Chinese Beef and Broccoli is perfect and such a treat especially when good Chinese food is basically absent and the service is over the top excellent! A lot of the things that set these guys above is due to their ability to meet their customers at their point of distress when it comes to the lack of things here in regards to what we’re use to( consistency in meals, healthy non msg meals, etc).

Consistently Delish ~ Angelina G.

I always look forward to getting back to Boquete each winter and seeing Eric’s smiling face at the Tuesday market. I’ve been reading his menu each week with eager anticipation and now I only have a couple of weeks more to wait! I’ve never been disappointed with any meal, but his chicken divan is a particular favorite.

If I’m lucky, I’m hoping he will have some of his heavenly eclairs!

Always Delicious ~ Linda W.
Our Happy Customers