About Us

Good food is like music to the stomach. Every bite makes you want to dance.
What Are We all About??

Many ask us about our business concept and I have to admit it's a bit radical!! So please let me welcome you to our site and explain to you what we are all about. We offer a fixed menu every week of take out food items. There's one thing that you need to know though, if you've ever lived in Central America you know that ingredients are sometimes hard to come by so if it's not available this week check back as there's a good chance it will be available next week. Enjoy our site and our culinary selections.. To see our fixed menu please go to the "Our Menu" Tab at the top.

Our Services

Meet our Team

Eric Pousson

Executive Chef/Owner

Cecelia Pousson

Head Chef/Owner

Chandler Pousson

Sous Chef/Owner

Keira Pousson

Future Chef

Aidan Pousson

Future Chef

Our Happy Customers

First have to tell you that your chicken pot pie was an incredible hit!!! My husband even loved it and he’s Mr. “I could have done better myself”. He raved about it. We both were amazed that the crust was so flaky. Even the bottom crust, which is almost always soggy. WOW, is all I can say. I only bought 2 just to try. Definitely not enough.

Pot Pie… WOW! ~ Nikki S.

Best Ranch in the Business! Goes great with salads or the Mexican burritos.

Fantastic Ranch Dressing ~Eli

The perfect treat for that chocolate fix! Works everytime.

Dont miss out on the brownies! – Jayden

If you want a meal for 2 people its the Mexican burritos from Eric and Crew. This is a spicy grilled chicken Mexican burrito wrap not only hits the spot but hits the tongue. Its spicy. One of my favorites.

5 Stars for the Mexican Burritos! ~Jason

If you want mashed potato goodness this is the one for you. Fantastic food and what a change to anything around here. Highly recommended. ~The Skylink Fiber Tech Team

Shepard’s Pie – I love you! ~ Skylink Fiber Tech Team

You guys said it was crunchy mac and cheese and boy were you right. One of the best helpings of Mac and Cheese we have ever had. Highly recommended dish!!

Best Mac and Cheese I Have Ever Had! ~ The Boss’